BC1 Small Format Broadcast Consoles

Playback - Talkback Module

The BC1-TB combines all function blocks for outgoing in incoming talkback, the oscillator and a playback system with mixing source selection and independent regulator and output drivers for studio speakers and studio headphones. In addition, this module contains the master ON-AIR status section.

The Talkback Section has a build in electret condenser microphone with omni directional characteristic. The amplifier is optimized for the use with talkback signals. The level can be controlled by a rotary pot. An opto coupler remote input with internal enable switch is included. The output of the talkback preamplifiers drives the talkback routing section that uses several switches to feed 5 talkback circuits in total.

The Talkback to Group/Aux bus makes possible to mix the talkback signal into audio subgroups and aux master outputs. Each master section contains a switch to enable this function for the particular output.

TB to PGM routs talkback to the main program master bus. A separate enable switch blocks these to talkback switches, to avoid unintentional operation of these dangerous functions.

Talkback to TECLO is a separate, console internal bus that is available on all outputs of TelCo input modules. Each Telco Module can disable this function individually. Talkback to Line enables an electronically balanced, external output. The TB STUDIO switch adds talkback to the studio speakers and studio headphones outputs. See below for details.

For easier use during telephone interviews, Talkback TelCo and Talkback Studio can be coupled by an additional switch. All Talkback switch contacts are available on a remote connector. Any combination can be operated by external, floating switches or relay contacts. Any active talkback activates the AutoDim function that can dim the control room speakers and studio speakers. This function can be enabled or disabled by jumpers.

The Listen Section for incoming talkback is combines with the PFL system of the console. There are two sources for listen. The Listen Input is a microphone level input that can be used with line level signal by external resistors in series with the inputs. The gain range is from 20 dB to 60 dB without resistors installed. This signal can be remote controlled by an opto coupler. The second source is the output of the console internal talkback bus that adds all microphones in talkback mode. This feature is part of the microphone remote control section. See the description of the BC1-IM mono input module for details. This bus signal is added if the switch TB-Bus is on.  The LISTEN switch routes the incoming talkback to the PFL audio bus and sets the console in PFL mode. However, the PFL system itself is not affected by Listen. There is no change in the selected PFL mode and no general reset. The Listen signal is just added to the PFL master. In addition, the listen signal is available on a separate output.

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TB - Playback/Talkback
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Playback - Talkback Module TB