BC1 Small Format Broadcast Consoles

Stereo Input Module

The BC1-IS, broadcast stereo input module, is optimized for the use of the console in edit suites or small on-air studios where many stereo sources must be handled. If offers all features that are necessary to regulate, process and remote control any kind of stereo device, from a conventional turntable or tape recorder to the converter output of a modern DAW system. The stereo input module has two stereo inputs. The complex input control section offers all necessary features to modify the 2 input channels. A 4 band, fixed frequeny equalizer is optimized for easy handling and fast operation. The four aux sends of the BC1 system are also included with the stereo module and driven in mono. The module contains a complex fader and start control section. Of course, the stereo input module shares all benefits of the BC1 system. + 30 dBu headroom, ultra low noise, and very low phase shift are combined with best stereo crosstalk values.

The features in detail:

Input Section

The Input Section has two stereo line inputs that can be electronically balanced or transformer balanced. The selected input passes several switches to modify the stereo signal at the input of the module. L selects the left channel only and feeds both of the internal stereo channels. R operates in the same way for the right input channel. The input channels can be reversed by pressing both swtiches at a time. In addition, there is a mono switch that inserts a 6 dB mono matrix, set can be internally set to 3 dB operation by a jumper. The ØR switch causes a phase reversal in the right channel. The input gain of +/- 20 dB has a precisely adjusted center detent. In addition to the gain control that operates on both stereo channels in parallel, the BAL control makes it possible to correct the channel balanced in a range of +/- 6 dB.


The fixed frequency 4-band EQ with a gain range of +/- 20 dB for all bands combines a shelving Hi EQ with two medium Q bell EQ's and a soft bell type Low EQ that operates at a center frequency of 60 Hz. The Hi EQ reaches its maximumg at 20 kHz. The center frequency of the Hi Mid filter is 3.5 kHz, the Low Mid filter operates at a center frequeny of 250 Hz.


The four Auxliary Sends of the BC1 system are be driven in mono. There are single pots for each send. The sends default to post fader. Each send has a pre Fader switch.

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Stereo Input Module IS