BC1 Small Format Broadcast Consoles

Stereo Program Master Module

The BC1-PG is the main master module of the small format broadcast console system BC1. It combines the program master amplifier with insert and master fader, an additional mono output and the master amplifiers for the auxiliaries 1 and 2. In addition there are the master switches for two cut groups and a LED PPM stereo meter that reads the master output.

The Bus Amp Section contains a stereo summing amplifiers that is optimized for best noise performance and high headroom of + 30 dBu. The output of the bus amp drives the electronically balanced insert output section. The insert output is always available on the connector panel while the insert input is switched into the signal chain by the INS button. Insert inputs and outputs are available on separate 1/4" TRS jacks on the master connector panel and can handle levels of + 30 dB. The insert point is pre master fader.

The Program Master Fader is a conductive plastic stereo fader with 100 mm stroke and a maximum gain of 10 dB. It is combined with the Trim control that is enabled by a swtich. Trim makes possible to correct the stereo balance of the master output with a control range of +/- 6 dB without the need to change settings of input modules or group masters. The main output driver is electronically balanced. Tranformer balanced outputs are availbale. The output level is displayed on the main master meter, that is carried out as a stereo LED PPM meter with 2 x 20 LED's and a display range from + 21 dB to - 36 dB. The release of the meter is 1.5 sec. per 20 dB. The attack time is 1 ms. The meters can be adjusted to the required nominal level by internal trim pots. Additional, high resolution LED PPM's or plasma bar graph meters can be installed if the meter bridge version of the console frame is existing.

The additional Mono Output operates in calibrated mode. The FDR ON switch inserts a rotary level control that allows independent level control of the mono output. The PRE switch reroutes the output that defaults to post master fader pre fader, post insert. A separate AFL switch makes possible to control the output of this section. CUT mutes this output independently.

Two Aux Master Amplifiers for Aux 1 and Aux 2 are included in the program master module. The Master sections have a TALK switch that enables 'Talk To Aux' for the particular output. See the desription of the Playback/Talkback module for details. An AFL switch per master allows the control of the output. It can be changed to PFL by internal jumpers. The master level is controlled by a rotary pot with a maximum gain of 6 dB. CUT mutes the output of the electronically balanced master output that is available on 3-pin XLR connectors. The mono output is electronically balanced.

IM - Mono Module
IS - Stereo Module
IT - TelCo Module
SG - Group Module
PG - Master Module
CT - Monitor Module
TB - Playback/Talkback
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Stereo Program Master Module PG