Small Format Broadcast Consoles

Mono Input Module BC1-IMThe small format Broadcast Console System BC1 has been designed on the same rules that were used for the BC3 system; however, it is much smaller. Like the BC3, BC1 offers a rich feature set that includes mono, stereo and TelCo channels, group channels and a fully-fledged master section. All important, special broadcast functions are implemented.

The BC1 On-Air Mixer System by adt-audio offers professional analog audio performance and excellent technical data in a very compact format. Besides the technical quality, all important functions of an On Air Console are implemented. The range of applications for this small format console are broadcast vans, edit rooms, on-air studios, and DJ studios. For its small size and light weight the consoles can be easily transported. Live Broadcasting from a location or live recording at a venue are other important applications for this broadcast mixer.

Though the size of the system is very small, it is a fully professional mixing console. The system includes transformer balanced microphone preamplifiers, fully balanced line inputs and outputs, a very high dynamic range with a headroom of +30 dBu throughout the entire signal path in combination with a sonic performance that is not different from adt-audio’s larger consoles. The audio technique is the same that it is used with the BC3 Broadcast Console System and with the INTEGRATOR modular Audio System. As usual at adt-audio, the console can be custom configured by the selection of the appropriate modules for the particular application.

Feature Set and System Limits

Depending on the size of the frame and the selection of input and master modules, a BC 1 small format console can have up to 48 Channels, 8 Mono or 4 Stereo Audio Groups, 4 Aux-Sends and 2 Mute Groups. Custom small format consoles with custom modules can have up to 16 mono or 8 stereo groups, 3 program masters and 8 aux sends. As a total of 30 audio bus rails + PFL is available, which can be used for groups, masters or sends, very special custom versions are possible that are only limited by the space for control elements on the top plate.


Like all adt-audio consoles, the BC 1 frame is a very stable construction that withstands rough treatment. All modules can be ‘hot plugged’. It is not necessary to power down the console before modules are exchanged. Special versions of this console fit exactly into the space that the Studer mixer type 961 requires. A direct replacement is possible. Corresponding versions of the BC 1 system are in the same price range. The standard frame of the system does not have a meter bridge. A separate meter bridge is available. This meter bridge has the same size as the BC3 meter bridge and can hold the same meter versions and other assessories


The top plate size of the modules is only 400 mm x 33 mm. The overall dimension of a 15 slot frame for 12 inputs and a master section is 520 mm (width) by 450 mm (depth). The height above table is 120 mm at the front side and less 160 mm on the rear side. The overall depth does not include the mating plugs. The connector panel is on the rear side of the console's frame, about 20 mm inside the frame. A rack-mounted version is available as well. Up to 10 input channels and the master section can be installed. Larger versions of the BC1 system are available. The construction of the frame makes consoles with up to 56 input or group channels possible. A constellation with 32 inputs, 4 stereo groups and a master section is only 1.320 mm wide. The largest available frame has 60 module slots and is 2.020 mm wide.


Two frame versions are available, with and without meter bridge. The LED meters that are included in the modules make it possible to use the console without meter bridge; however, the meter bridge can be used for additional high-resolution meters, mini speakers and VU meters.

Power Supply

The power supply unit is a 3U high 19" device that is available in 2 versions that have 300 VA or 600 VA total power. The 300 VA version is suitable for consoles with up to 20 channels while the 600 VA version can be used with up to 40 modules. For larger versions, power supply units of the BC3 or 5MT series can be used.

Failsafe Operation

Failsafe power supply is possible by using two PSU units and an additional Cross Over Unit that contains a passive diode matrix and a failure indication system (lamps and buzzer).

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