The 5MT-C Broadcast Versions

Stereo Input/Group Module CO5-S10
Although the 5MT-C compact version of the audio console system 5MT by adt-audio is primarily designed for music production and recording, there are several module versions and master sections that allow to arrange medium range Broadcast Mixing Consoles with up to 24 Mono or 12 Stereo Audio Groups and a sophisticated feature set. 24 Channel 5MT-C Broadcast with 12 Stereo Groups

C-Series broadcast consoles have almost the same feature set as the 5MT-BC large format console. The major difference is that the smaller size of the modules limits the number of aux and groups busses. The standard broadcast module versions have 24 mono audio groups or 12 stereo audio groups respectively, 8 sends and the main stereo bus. Special version can have to 12 sends and a 5.1 mix buss or 3 stereo program masters. As an option, hardware based VCA groups are available for all the modules.

Some Basics

Like the larger 5MT-BC, the C-Series versions uses the 'floating Group' principle. That means, that there are no special group modules but every mono and stereo module contains a group buss amp and has an input selector, that makes possible to use the module either as 'normal' input or as group channel. If in the normal operation of the console 8 groups are needed, there are still another 16 groups available. On the other hand, the 8 group channels can be used as normal inputs, if a special application requires more channels but less groups. Since every module can send its output to the group routing section, the groups are not limited to a single level.

With an appropriate number of channels, stacking of groups is possible. You arrange the concept of the group routing in the way you need. You can easily build up a 32 into 12 into 6 into 4 if you like or any other combination of the total of 24 groups.

Using the CO5-S10 stereo channel, the same principle can be used, but in stereo format. The routing section of all the C-Series broadcast modules can be configured to have access to 24 mono groups with single switches or to access stereo combinations of the groups. It depends on the configuration of the console what makes sense.

All the special broadcast functions, like several PFL operation modes, fader switches with adjustable threshold, several ON-AIR control busses, configurable automated cut of studio speakers and control room speakers, red light and remote interfaces, are integrated and can be customized and every desired way.

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