The Transfer Console System BC-SRD

The BC-SRD is a system of modules and frames that was especially designed for the requirements of edit suits and transfer studios. The system is made in accordance to the German IRT rule book in cooperations with the ZDF, Germany's largest TV station. The transfer consoles can handle formats from mono to 4 channel surround. A central operation mode selection determines if the console operates in stereo, mono or surround. The operation mode selection includes the modification of the panoramic section and the coupling of buss selects, faders and dynamic sections as well. Mono and stereo input channels are available. The 4 groups are used as 4 independend mono groups, 2 stereo group or one surround group, depending on the setting of the operation mode.

Transfer Console 3 Mono and 7 Stereo Inputs

Group Section and Stereo ModulesAll inputs and outputs of the console are transformer balanced using high quality, Haufe made, torodial tranformers. All buss rails are fully balanced. A special electromagnetic shielding of the entire console makes it possible to operate a BC-SRD transfer console noise free independend of the interferences in the environment. A very high level of sonic performance and the high dynamic range of about 120 dB from line input to group output make this little system ideally suitable for transfer studios and edit rooms that require the highest level of audio performance.

Since the BC-SRD system is made in accordance with the German IRT rule book 3/5 for audio consoles, the technical performance is very close to the physical limits of an audio system. The transfer console meets all requirements of the rule book and exceeds several of the most important rules. The mix noise of the console is at least 6 dB better than required.

There are 5 module types available. The
Mono Input Module BC-I
has a microphone and a line input.
The Stereo-Line Module BC-S
has a build in M/S direction mixer with base width control and can handle M/S input signals as well.
The BC-G group module
combines an audio group master with a compressor and an aux master amplifier. The
control room module BC-Aincludes the consoles internal source selector and the operation mode control. It can be expanded by one or more
BC-W stereo/mono select devices
that can have up to 46 mono or 23 stereo inputs each.

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