Analog Audio Mixing Consoles for
Broadcast Applications

adt-audio in Germany offers six different mixing console systems for on-air applications and broadcasting. These systems cover the entire range of broadcast consoles - from small rack mounted mixers for edit rooms to an 96 channel audio mixing system for TV live shows. Almost all versions can be custom configured or even custom build.

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Compact Broadcast Mixing Console
Universal Broadcast Console
TV and Radio
On-Air Mixer
small Format
big 5MTBC Audio Console, 72 Channels for TV Live Shows
The 5MT Broadcast
Part of the vast range of modules and types of adt-audio's 5MT audio mixing desks are two versions especially designed for broadcast applications. The 5MTBC is a large system primarily used for TV and Radio Live Shows. It offers up to 96 channels, 36 audio groups and a vast range of features combined with outstanding sonic performance.
Details about the 5MT-BC

BC3 - universal analog On-Air Mixer
The BC3 On-Air Mixer Series covers the range from a rack-mounted 8 in 2 version for a small radio studio or edit room to a 64 in 16 console for medium 24 in 4 Stereo BC3 with Mono, Stereo and Telco Channelsrange TV live broadcasting. Frames up to a total width of 3 meters are possible. Mono, Stereo, and Telco input modules and several mono and stereo group channels are available. Advanced features, like dynamic sections and versatile fully parametric equalizers in microphone channels, noise gates in Telco channels, and M/S direction mixers in stereo channels are implemented in the advanced versions of the module.. For every application, a standard module and an additional, advanced version is existing. In addition to the standard versions, modified and custom build modules are available. Special functions, like fader switches, remote interfaces, On-Air control rails, several PFL modes, autocut and autodim functions are integrated in many, configurable versions.
More about the BC3

Universal analog Broadcast Console BC4
The 'big brother' of the BC3 mixer is based on the same construction principles but offers many additional features. 10 Aux Sends, 2 Stereo Masters, 6 VCA-Groups, versatile, parametric 4-Band-EQ's in all input modules, extensive control room section und fully configurable on-air and start control are only some points on the extensive feature list. BC4 fills the range between the BC3 and the large format 5MT systems at an affordable price.
Here are details about the BC4

Small Format Mixers BC1
The small format Audio Console System BC1 has been designed on the same rules that were used for the larger system; however, it is much smaller. Unlike most small mixers, the BC1 makes no compromize in technical quality and audio performance. Best possible noise performance, + 30 dBu headroom in combination with professional components, gold plated switches and and connectors make the BC1 not a bargain offer but a professional and reliable mixing desk at an affordable price. BC1 mixers offer a rich feature set that includes Mono, Stereo and TelCo channels, group modules and a fully-fledged master section. All important, special functions for broadcasting are implemented.
The BC1 in detail

28 in 12 Stereo - 5MT-C installed at Radio Usbekistang, TaschkentThe 5MT Series C/B Consoles
The compact 'C' version of the 5MT offers some very interesting module combinations for on-air applications in the medium range. This version has the same benefits as the 5MT-BC, but smaller systems, that do not need the huge feature set of the 5MTBC can be made at lower costs. There are a couple of mono and stereo channels and two master sections available, and - like always at adt-audio, custom build mixing desks or modified versions are available as well. Of course, the compact Series C has all the important special features of a high end analog audio mixing console for broadcasting.
Read about the 5MT-C Broadcast Consoles

BC-SRD Transfer Console

Transfer Desk with 10 Inputs and 4 Groups BCSRD is a unique analog audio mixing system, developed in cooperation with the ZDF, Germany's largest TV station. These systems are designed and manufactured according to the German IRT 3/5 standards for audio consoles, that require a design, that are very close to the physical limitations of any analog audio system. adt-audio's BCSRD exceeds these requirements in several points. The mix noise of the system, for example, is more than 6 dB lower than required.

All these transfer consoles are fully transformer balanced, using very high quality, oversized, torodial transformers, and fully shielded from electrical interference throughout. The very high expense results in outstanding technical characteristics and pristine sonic performance. In addition to the use as a transfer console, the BC SRD has all necessary features of an on-air mixer