AT Mono Input ModuleBC3
compact analog Broadcast Consoles
Special On Air Console Features

All the modules are equipped with functions important for radio and TV broadcast applications. A fader switch is included with every module. A central adjustment makes possible to determine the threshold level of the fader switch up to scale values of -20 dB. 3 different ON-AIR control busses can be configured and automatically assigned by the input selection of the particular module. Important automatic switching function can be assigned to ON-AIR busses or activated directly from certain settings of the modules. Manual override is possible for almost all important function. This function set can be configured to meet customers requirements in many ways. In addition to the necessary standard functions like 'Studio Speaker Mute' with mic channel open, there are also function for DJ-mode, and a special features that makes the handling of telephone interviews very easy.

16 Channel BC3 On Air Console with Mono, Stereo and TelCo Modules

The PFL system can operate in several modes, depending on the configuration of the modules and the control module. Mutual released operation or adding mode are standard. A set of modules can be configured for adding mode, while the rest of the modules uses mutual release to leave the PFL of certain channels unchanged. The state of the fader can be used to reset an active PFL per channel.

Telco Modules
N-minus outputs are available with every module. In addition, every module can feed a separate output line, pre or post fader and processing stages. Standardized remote interfaces of the TelCo modules meet the requirements of the common telephone hybrid units. Stereo TelCo modules for use with ISDN or internet are available. An additional talkback line makes the communication very simple.


Any frame size from a rack-mounted version with a maximum of 10 modules including the master section to a 64 into 16 version is possible. The width of the frame can be up to 3 meters. The frame system of the BC3 uses a grid of 4 module-wide subdivisions. The width of the module is 40 mm, therefore the subdivision is 160 mm. Apart from the special rack-mounted versions, every frame size that fits into this grid is possible. As all the different module groups are compatible. That means, that every input module versions fits into every input module slot and every group module version fits into every group module slot. A special block contains the master modules. This block contains all the special connectors for the master, the control room section, the studio playback and the talkback status module.

Apart from the 4 module grid, there are no restriction as far as the position of input modules blocks, group blocks and the master block are concerned. Every arrangement is possible. The frames are not produced before an order is placed and all the details are determined. As the wiring pcb's, connector blocks and the other components of the frame can be produced in advance, this principle does not result in a very long delivery period.

Remotes, Producers Tables
Of course it is possible to integrate remotes for external devices, producers tables, writing surfaces, keyboards and patch bays. If this fits into the 160 mm grid the cost for the integration, the necessary panels etc. are low. Please, ask us for details.

Frame Versions
Four versions of the BC3 frame are available. The rack-mounted frame is the smallest version. With this frame a 8 in 2 on air console is possible. All the other frame versions are only limited to an overall width of 3 meters. Every frame can be used as a table top version or - with the optional floor stands as a stand alone version. Additional fastening angles (see picture) are available to mount the frames into existing tables or racks.

Power Supply

2 different power supply units cover the needs for all console version up to 32 channels. For larger consoles, one of the power supply units of the ADT 5MT system is used. Crossover units to build up a fail safe system with 2 power supply units are available for all the versions.


The meterbridge of the system is also a modular construction. There are different version of meter systems available. In addition to the commonly used VU-Meters high resolution LED based peak-meters, and plasma bar peak-meters, brand RTW, are available. All meter systems can be mixed and the LED peak-meters are available in mono and stereo versions. Every input and group module has its own meter send output. If a meter is assigned to a special module depends on customers requirements. Meter sends for the program master outputs, the aux sends, the control room select and the PFL system are standard part of the master block.

not just a Broadcast Console

As the BC3 mixing desks offer many universal features, they are suitable for a lot of other applications. The compact construction and the high reliability makes this system suitable for mobile duty in recording, outside broadcast vans, theaters and live sound reinforcements. Please ask for special solutions adt-audio has already made for other customers.