the big Live Production analogue Broadcast Console

Floating Groups

The 5MT-BC-Series of analogue Console versions uses the so-called 'floating Group' principle. That means, that there are no special group modules but every mono and stereo module contains a group buss amp and has an input selector, that makes possible to use the module either as 'normal' input or as group channel. The assignment of the buss rails to the modules is determined by the wiring of the console frame. If in the normal operation of the console more groups are needed, free channels can be used as groups. On the other hand, normal group channels can be used as inputs, if a special application requires more channels but less groups.

Since every module can send its output to the group routing section, the groups are not limited to a single level. With an appropriate number of channels, stacking of groups is possible. You arrange the concept of the group routing in the way you need. You can easily build up a 32 into 12 into 6 into 4 if you like or any other combination of the total of 36 groups.

56 Channel Custom Build 5MT Broadcast

The Snap Shot Version of the adt-audio console automation system CAS can be integrated in the 5MT-BC analogue broadcast consoles. It controls the level and mute of all faders, audio groups, vca groups and mute groups and, if required, additional switch functions. The software allows to store, edit, and recall console settings. The selection of Fader Modules determines if a particular console can be combined with the snap shot automation system or not.


All the 5MT-BC frames are custom made according to the customers needs. The total width of a frame can be up to 5 meters. The integration of keyboards, remote controls, external talkback systems, producer tables or racks of 1U to 4U is possible. Several versions of patchbays can be integrated inside the frame or in external racks. In addition, there are several options for the metering system.

The picture shows a custom build version of a 56 channel 5MT-BC with 2U high 19" racks on top of the meter bridge. The meter bridge with its depth of 400 mm can be used for TV monitors, nearfield speaker and additional equipment.

Custom Modules

Apart from the standard modules, custom modules or modified versions of the standard modules with special features can be produced. Special colors, other versions of the fader fascia and a lot more specials can be implemented - please ask.

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