The 5MT-C Broadcast Versions

Modules and Frames

There are several mono modules and one stereo channel that are especially designed for broadcast applications. In addition, all the other mono and stereo modules of the 5MT-C mixing desks can be used in a broadcast system as well.

5MT-C Broadcast with 28 Inputs and 12 Stereo Groups The CO5-S10 is a combined Input/Group stereo channel with a mono microphone preamplifier. It can be used as an universal input and group module. Apart from the 24 buss routing, the 8 sends (6 mono aux and 1 stereo cue is the standard configuration), the high-pass and low-pass filters, the 4 band EQ and the stereo insert, there is an optional compressor/expander and M/S direction mixer to control the base width and the direction of the stereo signal. The controls of these sections are always installed; the electronic is on a piggy back board that can be installed at any time.

The CO5-S9/2 and the CO5-S9 are combined Input/Group mono channel that also contains a microphone amplifier. In addition there are 2 line inputs and the group bus amp. These units can be used as input, group or floating group in an universal way.
The CO5-S8 is a mono input module with no group routing facilities. Its primary use are small format consoles for edit rooms and dubbing studios as well.

Master Sections

There are are two master sections, the E2-Master and the C-Master that are of major importance for the broadcast console versions of the C-series system. These master sections fit best into this environment. However, all the other stereo master blocks of the 5MT-System, like the S-Master or the S3-Master can be also implemented. For system with more than one stereo program masters, the S3-Master ist best suited. While the C-Master has only 2 modules all other master sections include stereo effect return inputs with group routing with all modules of the particular block.


As the 5MT is a completely modular system, the size and arrangement of the mixer is custom assembled in accordance with your requirements. The frame size, the number and types of modules slots, space for additional modules and external equipment, keyboards, remote controls i. e. are all determined by your requirements. Special, custom color schemes are possible. Level meters, cross bar distributors, and patch bays can be installed. Various version of patch bays and cross bar system can be integrated.

Custom Modules

Apart from the standard modules, custom modules or modified versions of the standard modules with special features can be produced.

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