The Transfer Console System BC-SRD FRAMES

The BC-SRD transfer console is completely modular. The size and the arrangement of module is always customized, meeting your requirements. The size of the frame, additional modules, external equipment, number of mono and stereo inputs is determined by your requirements.

In addition to the stand-alone units, build in versions are possible in any format. Level meters, cross bar distributors and or patchbays can be installed in different versions. The picture below shows a build in version with 2 mono and 6 stereo input modules.

Minium Requirements

One control room unit BC-A, the optional unit BC-W and 4 group units BC-G are required in every console. The amount of mono or stereo input modules depends on the application; it is not limited. Every channel slot can be used for stereo or mono input channels. The size of all the modules is 445 x 40.6 mm. The power supply units are separate rack-mounted devices. A fail safe power supply device is standard.

Custom Modules

In addition to the standard devices, custom made versions or modified versions of the standard modules with special features can be produced.

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