BC1 Small Format Broadcast Consoles

Mono Input Module


The level at the fader input is indicated by a PPM indicator with 4 LED's and +/-20 dB display range. If the console frame has the optional meterbridge installed, additional meters can be installed. All necessary outputs for external metering are always installed.

Pan Pot and Group Routing

The output of the fader section drives the Pan Pot, which is implemented as standard mono to stereo pan with 3 dB center attenuation. The pan pot output feeds the PGM (program master) and group routing switches. There are switches for 1 stereo program master and 12 mono / stereo groups, respectively. All routing switches select stereo pairs. Driving mono groups is possible with the pan pot. For consoles with more than 1 program master, the routing section can be configured differently. In this case one or two of the group select switches are assigned to the additional program master busses.

Channel Output

The Channel Output is balanced and capable of handling levels of + 30 dBu. The output level is controlled by an additional rotary control with center detent. In the center position, the level is calbrated to 0 dB. The maximum gain of this section is 6 dB. The channel output defaults to the output of the fader / cut section. There are 3 switches that reassign the output driver to pre fader, the output of the input amplifer post phase reversal for clean feed recordings, and to the output of the internal group bus amplifier. Group has the highest priority and overrides all other settings but n-minus.

Group Master Amplifier

The integrated Group Master Amplifier adds a very important feature to the BC1-IM input module. Since the BC1 system has 12 audio subgroups, this features makes it possible to use input modules as subgroup modules, just by switching the input to group mode. It is possible to use only BC1-IM modules as groups masters or to integrate as many dedicated subgroup master modules as you like. If less than 6 stereo or 12 mono subgroup masters are installed, you have the choice to use mono input channels, which are not otherwise needed in the particular application as additional mono subgroup masters on the fly. Besides the use of the entire module as a subgroup, the output of the group bus amp is available at the channel output alternatively. The additional channel output level pot offers 6 dB maximum gain.


The BC-IM1 modules has 4 Aux Sends. All sends are mono and fed post fader by default. Each aux send has its own PRE switch.


The included n-minus feature uses the channel output alternatively. It is activated by the N-1 switch and has the highest priority of all channel output settings. The n-minus mix chain is the aux bus 3. With this mode, the channel output is driven by the aux 3 master signal; however, the level that the local channel sends to the aux 3 bus is subtracted from the channel output signal.

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IM - Mono Module
IS - Stereo Module
IT - TelCo Module
SG - Group Module
PG - Master Module
CT - Monitor Module
TB - Playback/Talkback
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Mono Input Module IM