BC1 Small Format Broadcast Consoles

Stereo Input Module

Fader, Cut, PFL

The Stereo Fader is a 100 mm conductive plastic, stereo fader with maximum gain of + 10 dB. The output of the fader section drives the routing section via the cut switch and the stereo balance control that is implemented with 0 dB attenuation at center. The operation of the PFL system is determined by the central status setting and local jumpers. Adding or single mode can be selected by master status switches in the monitor control module. With adding mode, any number of PFL's can be active at a time, while single mode automatically resets all active PFL's when another PFL is activated. PFL operates in latched mode when the fader is closed. Opening the fader resets PFL. With fader open PFL is still possible in non-latched mode. These standard setting can be modified by jumpers on the particular channel.

Cut Groups

In addition to the Cut switch, there are two cut groups that can be selected by two, separate switches.


The Level Indicitor uses a LED bar with 4 LED's and a range from -20 to +20 dB. It reads the PPM value of the signal at the input of the fader in mono. Outputs for additional meters that can be installed in the optional meter bridge are existing.

Balance Control and Routing Section

The Routing Section is driven from the output of the stereo balance control and makes possible to feed the stereo program master and 12 sub groups in stereo mode. The Balance control operates with 0 dB center attenuation. The odd numbered subgroups are assigned to the left stereo channel; the even numbered groups are driven from the right channel. With console configurations with more than 1 program masters, group switches are resassigned for the additional program masters.

On Air Control

Like the BC1-IM mono channel, the stereo channel IS drive the On-Air control system of the console. By default, the 'Line' On-Air bus is driven when the fader is open and not muted. Since all On-Air busses are available on the module connectors, other settings are possible by internal jumper setting.

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IM - Mono Module
IS - Stereo Module
IT - TelCo Module
SG - Group Module
PG - Master Module
CT - Monitor Module
TB - Playback/Talkback
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Stereo Input Module IS