BC1 Small Format Broadcast Consoles

TelCo Input Module

The internal 4 LED PPM meter displays the level at the fader input. It has a range from + 20 dB to - 20 dB.

The PFL System operates not different from the mono input channel. The local configuration can be configured by jumpers. The default configuration allows PFL in latched mode when the channel is muted or the fader is closed. Opening the fader or releasing the mute with fader open, resets the PFL. With fader not muted and open, PFL is still possible in non-latched mode. The PFL main status functions, PFL Single and PFL reset are included with the logic control. With single mode, all active PFL's are cleared when another PFL is activated.

The Channel Output Section of the TelCo input module has some special features that are designed to feed the input of a telephone line interface. The channel is driven by the program master output via a mono matrix or by the aux master 4 alternatively. The switch AUX determines this setting in combination with the fader/hybrid control section. In any case, the output operates in n-minus mode. In many cases, these modules will be used to perform telephone interviews in live broadcasting or preproductions. In any case, a preliminary conversation between the caller and the moderator in the studio will be necessary while they are not on air. During the preliminary discussion, the caller must be able to hear the moderator and vice versa. In addition, it must be possible to talk to both of them from the control room.

Telephone Interface

To avoid any kind of feedback it is always necessary to feed the return line to the caller in n-minus mode. This setting can be accomplished in the Aux 4 mode. The Aux 4 master must feed the moderators headphones. This is possible by a setting in the playback/talkback module. Setting the moderators microphone channel and the callers input channel in pre mode for aux 4 makes possible to mix both signals with faders closed. To accomplish the talkback to the caller, a special talkback line can be disabled or enabled to each TelCo module output individually. This line is enabled by default. The TB-OFF switch disables this feature.

In on air mode, the caller must here the program master output only. Since he is part of the program mix, this send has to be done in n minus mode again unless there is a risk of feedback thru a receiver. The TelCo module can be switched to this mode by releasing the AUX4 switch.

In the default configuration, this function is coupled to the fader switch of the particular module. With fader down or cut, the output is fed from aux 4. Opening the fader switches to program master. It is possible to disable this function by a jumper.

The remote section of the device includes besides the fader switch an additional HYBRID switch that can be used to set the telephone interface into hold mode. Acutally, the default control of the hybrid is the fader switch that can be overridden by the hybrid switch. All necessary relay contacts are available for the installation of the commonly used devices.

The two line inputs and the channel output are available on 3-pin, goldplated XLR connectors. The insert section is available on two separate, balanced, 1/4" TRS jacks. All audio conectors are brand neutrik. The remote connections for the telephone line interface are available on a female, 9-pin D-sub connector.

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IT - TelCo Module
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