BC-SRD Transfer Console System

Audio Group Channel with Master Compressor and Aux Master Amplifier

The BC-G Group Module is used for the 4 Audio Groups of the BC-SRD transfer consoles. A switched, balanced master insert pre fader, a master compressor with sophisticated coupling functions and an additional Aux Master amplifier are combined in a single BC-G module.

Features and technical Data:
for balanced BC-SRD buss rails

switched insert, electronically balanced, pre group fader at nominal level

Main Fader
Brand Penny & Giles VCA fader with 126.5 mm travel,
maximum gain 15 dB, 0 dB point manually adjusted
Cut off attenuation according to German 'IRT-Pflichtenheft 3/5'
Scale accuracy according to German 'IRT-Pflichtenheft 3/5'
Additional CUT function.
The group faders are coupled by the operation mode setting. It can be blocked by the switch FDR-CPLE-OFF of each group individually.

Aux Master Fader
65 mm Penny & Giles audio law fader for aux master with additional CUT function

PFL and Peak-Present Indicator
PFL by illuminated switch. The pre fader listen is latched if the fader is closed and resets when the fader is opened. If the fader is open, non latched operation is possible.
The Peak-Present-Indicator is a 3 color LED and displays the level at the fader input. Green: level above - 20 dB, yellow: 0 dB and red if the headroom is below 5 dB

Aux Master PFL
Aux master level meter with 10 LEDs reads aux master output

Outputs (Group and Aux)
balanced, floating (torodial transformers)
source impedance < 40 Ohm/15kHz
maximum level > + 22 dBu at 40 Hz
load resistor > 300 Ohm

Dynamics Section
combined limiter / compressor
Threshold - 30 dB to + 10 dB
Ratio Off / 1:1 to Limiter / 20:1
Attacktime Range 0.1 to 10 ms
Releasetime Range 0.1 to 5 s
Gain reduction display 10 LEDs, range 30 dB
The dynamic units are coupled by the operation mode selection in stereo or 4 channel if the DYN CPLE OFF switch is not pressed. Autogain function can be selected to assure constant output level.

BC-I - Mono Input Module
BC-S - Stereo Input Module
BC-G - Group Module
BC-A - Control Room Module
BC-W - Select Module
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Group Module BC-G for Transfer Console BC-SRD