BC-SRD Transfer Console System

Stereo Input Module with Line Input and
M/S Direction Mixer

The BC-S Stereo Input Module has a transformer balanced stereo line input, an adjustable high pass filter, and M/S based direction mixer with base width control, a 4 Band stereo EQ with 2 fully parametric mid bands, 4 sends and a stereo to surround panoramic section.

There are 1 stereo and 2 mono aux sends. The main fader is a 126.5 mm Penny & Giles VCA-fader. PFL and Peak-/Present indicator are included.
In addition, the input can be switched to M/S mode to be able to handle MS format input signal.
Features and technical Data:
Stereo Line Input
balanced, floating
Input impedance > 5 k
Input CMRR > 60 dB at 15 kHz
maximum level > + 22 dBu at 40 Hz
Gain range ± 20 dB
0 dB position calibrated
Input Selection
L selects the left input signal only and routs it to both of the stereo channels
R selects the right input signal only and routs it to both of the stereo channels
L and R at a time reverses left and right input
Additional switch for phase reversal in the right channel
MS switches input to MS mode; M = L, S = R

High Pass Filter
control range < 30 Hz to 320 Hz steep rate 12 dB/Oct

Direction Mixer
switched M/S based direction mixer with controls for
stereo base width, 0 to 200 %, 100 % position calibrated
with center detent
direction control with range from mono from left via stereo normal to mono from right
calibrated center detent for 'stereo normal'

4 Band stereo equalizer with bypass switch
High Band - Shelving Filter
corner frequency 15 kHz,
or, by push/pull switch, soft bell (Q 0.7)
at 10 kHz control range ± 15 dB,
Low Band - soft bell (Q 0.7)
at 60 Hz / 100 Hz by push/pull switch
control range ± 15 dB
Mid 1 Band - fully parametric - bell,
frequency range 200 Hz to 18 kHz
Q factor range 0.3 to 5
control range ± 15 dB
Mid 2 Band - fully parametric - bell
frequency range 60 Hz to 5 kHz
Q factor range 0.3 to 5
control range ± 15 dB

4 sends AUX 1 to 4, AUX1 and AUX2 mono,
with single rotary fader, separate selection pre/post fader, driven via 6 dB matrix in mono
CUT function by push/pull switches of the pots,
active CUT is displayed by LED
AUX 3/4 - stereo, with rotary control for level
CUT function by push/pull switch of the level pot
active CUT is indicated by LED, pre/post switch,
driven in stereo

Main Fader
Brand Penny & Giles VCA fader with 126.5 mm travel,
maximum gain 15 dB, 0 dB point manually adjusted
Cut off attenuation according to German 'IRT-Pflichtenheft 3/5'
Scale accuracy according to German 'IRT-Pflichtenheft 3/5'
Tracking error according to German 'IRT-Pflichtenheft 3/5'
Additional CUT function.

PFL and Peak-Present Indicator
PFL by illuminated switch. The pre fader listen is latched if the fader is closed and resets when the fader is opened. If the fader is open, non latched operation is possible.
The Peak-Present-Indicator is a 3 color LED and displays the level at the fader input. Green: level above - 20 dB, yellow: 0 dB and red if the headroom is below 5 dB
Panoramic Section
Balance Control for @Dolby-Surround,
with LCR-Pan, Front-Surround-Pan and Divergence control
The panoramic section is affected by the operation mode setting. With mono operation no pan pot is inserted. With stereo mode the LCR pan operates as a normal L/R balance control with 0 dB attenuation at the center setting.

Group Buss Selection
4 switches for the selection of the 4 groups, functions depend on the operation mode setting.
Mono: independend operation of all switches.
Stereo: 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 are coupled to select stereo masters.
Surround: any switch selects the entire 4 channel master.

BC-I - Mono Input Module
BC-S - Stereo Input Module
BC-G - Group Module
BC-A - Control Room Module
BC-W - Select Module
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Stereo Input Module BC-S for Transfer Console BC-SRD