BC-SRD Transfer Console System

Surround Control Room Module

The BC-A Control Room Module combines the control room regulator and matrix section, the PFL master section, the internal source selection with the operation mode control. The units includes the necessary insertion of the the surround encoder and decoder in surround mode. Additional functions make it possible to switch the main meters idependly and assign the 4 channel master directly to the control room speakers.

Features and technical Data:
Control Room Source Select
Internal sourc selectors:
group 1, 2, 3 and 4, AUX1 to AUX4 and PFL,
mutual release and break before make delay by electronic control circuit
external source selection by additional BC-W module(s)

Operation Mode Control Section
3 switches
with Surround and stereo mode the pan pots of the channels are inserted, the coupling of the group faders and the dynamic section is enabled and the external surround encoder is inserted between the group outputs and the stereo record outputs. In addition, the surround decoder is inserted into the control room chain.

Monitor Control Section
4 channel volume control
Additional functions:
independen CUT switches for all channels,
DIM, 20 dB, automatically controlled by talkback, - 20 dB.
Volume control by rotary control, or, by pushbutton, in addition, selection of two fixed values, 77 dB and 83 dB.
With the STEREO switch it is possible to control the LT/RT signal at the input of the surround decoder in surround mode.

PFL Master
PFL master section with calibrated output and additional output post level pot,
balanced, floating

Control Room outputs balanced, floating (torodial transformer)
Source impedance < 40 Ohm/15kHz
maximum Level > + 22 dBu at 40 Hz, load resistor 300 Ohm

BC-I - Mono Input Module
BC-S - Stereo Input Module
BC-G - Group Module
BC-A - Control Room Module
BC-W - Select Module
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Control Room Module BC-A for Transfer Console BC-SRD