BC-SRD Transfer Console System

Source Select Module

The Source Select Module is used as an optional extention to the control room BC-A that contains all console internal selectors but no external source select section. If external sources are required BC-W source select modules must be added. A single BC-W can have up to 46 mono or 23 stereo inputs. The switch section with a mutual release logic is coupled to the BC-A control room unit and changes it's operation with the main operation mode control. If mono is selected, every single switch operates independly. With stereo or surround, the two switches of a stereo pair are coupled.

It is possible to install an unlimited number of source select units in one console. All the modules can be coupled for mutual release. Alternatively, several modules can be used as stand-alone preselectors.

The unit is also available with less than 46/23 inputs. The entire audio path of the source select devices is completely passive. High quality relais are used for switching. The internal logic includes a break before make delay for every switch.

Basic Data:

Customized select units with up to 46 mono or 23 stereo inputs. Operation mode is switched with the main operation mode of the console. If stereo mode is selected, the left and right column is coupled. Any number of modules can be coupled.

Audio and Logic
The audio path of the devices operates passive. Connector outlets depend on the wiring of the console and respectively on customers request. The control system is connected to the main control system of the control room unit BC-A. All audio lines are fully balanced. Swithcing includes a break before make delay.

The BC-W units contain the audio relays and the logic control as well.
Labeling of the Switches
engraved labeling on your guideline.

BC-I - Mono Input Module
BC-S - Stereo Input Module
BC-G - Group Module
BC-A - Control Room Module
BC-W - Select Module
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Select Module BCWI for Transfer Console BC-SRD