Small Format Broadcast Consoles

The Modules

Monitor Control Module BC1-CT

There are seven standard input, group and master modules available for the small format Broadcast Console System BC1. Three different input modules, a stereo group module, a program master module, the monitor controller and the playback-talkback module. In addition to the standard modules, custom build modules are possible.

Input Modules

There are three input module versions available.

The BC1-IM, Mono Input Module
is a mic/line mono input channel with transformer balanced microphone input and versatile 4-band equalizer.

The BC1-IS, Stereo Input Module
is a stereo channel that is primarily designed for broadcast studios, where it is necessary to handle many stereo signal sources. In addition it can be used as an effect return for live recording and mixing as well.

The BC1-IT3, Telco Input Module
is a telephone channel, with special features that are required for telephone lines.

Group Master Function of Mono Input Module

The BC-IM mono input module contains a group bus amp. Therefore, it can be used as an audio subgroup module as well. A special feature allows feed the group signal via an additional fader to the channel output, while the main audio path of the module is still used in mic or line mode. Besides, this concept makes it possible to use modules either as a group or, if the group function is not needed, as a normal input channel.

Stereo Subgroup Master Module

For systems that require dedicated stereo group channels, the
Stereo Subgroup Module BC1-SG
can be used. This stereo group module contains all necessary stages for a complete stereo audio sub group. The assignment of the group busses to frame slots is made by simple bridges on the frame boards. It can be easily changed at any time.

Frame Compatibility

All frame slots use the same connector panel. A standard layout makes it possible to use the 8 connectors per frame slot with every input module version and the stereo subgroup version as well. It is obvious that the master section requires different module slot wiring and different connector panels; however, this is the only section of the entire console that has to be fixed with the order. Everything else can be configured and modified in the field.

Master Section

The master section uses 3 modules,
the Program Master Module BC1-PG,
the Control Room Module BC1-CT
and the Talkback–Oscillator–Playback Module BC1-TB.

The BC1-PM and the BC1-CT are essentially required but the BC1-TB can be left out, if a Talkback/Playback system and the on-air control is not necessary for the particular application.

Standard console frames have an addition slot no. 4 in the master section that can be used for a custom module, which can contain remote switches or anything like this.

Frame Grid

Frames can be manufactured with almost any size and any number of slots up to maximum size of appox. 2 meters. In addition a special rack-mounted version is availbale.

The master block can be installed between any even number of channels or on the right or left side of the frame.

Frame Options

Free wired slots for channels or groups can be included in the frame layout as well as producers tables, blank panels or empty space for remote controls and keyboard. The integration of such units, special top plates for remotes are possible. Of course, the limitation is the available space of the top plate and the limited height of the frame.

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